Gakuen Hetalia Event: Surprise Party for England

 [[Inside one of the rooms at school (permission to use the room was given to Sweden >w>), 5:30 PM]]

*looks around the room decorated by Poland, with food and drinks brought by America and Mexico*

We've got everything ready. The guests will be arriving here shortly and...


*looks at his watch*

I'll get England here soon. I hope he'll love this.
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[modpost] Not really related to anything...

 ... but I feel like I should post this.

I would like to apologise to everyone if it seemed like there's nothing going on with our Gakuen event. As a mod, I know I should get things going. However, truth be told, I was feeling a bit depressed these past few days and I just couldn't get myself to look after the comm. I didn't want any of you to worry so I didn't really say anything. I'm sorry. I know how excited all of you were because we started an event...

I'm really sorry that this comm's been somewhat inactive.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now so let's get things started again, shall we?

Have something cute to cheer you guys up. >3>

New posts will be made for the next part of the event. Watch out for it, okay? :D

- Sea-mun ♥



I'm pretty sure everyone's done with their finals, right? RIGHT? Sorry if I disappeared for a while. Papa actually made me take some tests! For nations my age! ... Wait, there isn't anyone else around my age, right? That's not fair! >A< 

Anyway, sooooo... does anyone here want to have an after-school party? Anyone? Because I think that will be really awesome. And no, it's not for the jerk because he's graduating. Who said that? This is not his graduation party!

Did anyone else receive invites to his tea party? I'm suggesting you don't go there because... well... it's boring. :I We're going to have a more fun and more awesome party for us and definitely not for him because it's NOT his graduation party. So... let's start planning, everyone! :D

Okay, so... this might... MIGHT be a surprise party for the jerk... but don't tell him! He's not supposed to know we're planning something, okay?
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[POLL + some stuff] Let's discuss some things, shall we?

 So... I'm sure everyone knows we're going to celebrate Gakuen Hetalia week! However, after some discussions with our new maintainer (to be announced later), we've decided that we should extend Gakuen week to two weeks! Or a bit longer if preferred... This is our first event and we want to make it special so yeah. We've got a few things lined up... like a storyline or plot or whatever you want to call it. Yes, we have that! It's not scripted because, well... We want to know how each character will react to it. And I think this is the part where your character will step in... Well, not now... it's on a separate entry... Oh well. Isn't that exciting? >w>

So yeah... I hope everyone's excited. Again, I apologize for any sort of confusion and stuff before. I will do my best to explain things clearly and I'm grateful for everyone's patience and cooperation. 

On to the important stuff!

Collapse )
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Welcome Post!

Welcome to 

As some, er, most of you know already, this comm is made for us Formspring RPers who need a place where we could hang out whenever FS starts acting crazy again.

So... I guess I have to make a little introduction here... Hi! I'm Sea-mun, your friendly moderator for this comm. You know me as that girl who always comes to bother your characters whenever my Sealand is not around. 

Anyway, in honor of the first post, I would like for everyone to leave comments, suggestions and questions about... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. You can ask while being in character or not... and I want everyone to take their time adjusting to the site. I set up a few rules at our profile page so make sure to check those out! If you want any clarifications, comment away! I promise I won't bite and I'll do my best to help you out!

One thing (so far) to look forward to in the future:

- EVENTS. After we had the Genderbend Week at FS, most of us realized that it's nice to have some events to spice things up. Events that are announced here may be carried over to Formspring if the RPer wishes to do so. I already have a list of events that we could do but I won't list them here. I'll announce when they will happen. I'll make a separate post for the one we will be having next week (Yes, we'll be having one next week! Yay! /shot). For now, we can toss some ideas here and there about how things should work out.

Any feedback coming from you is deeply appreciated. Heck, even a simple comment that says "... *throws a tomato at Sea-mun for no reason*" is fine.

Have fun and welcome to the community!